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Almonds, 10 KG Loose

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Almond Kernels


After purchasing, the storage of the product properly is also important. It is advisable to store almonds in an airtight box after opening and store in a cool dry place. You can also store it in the fridge to extend the shelf life to 12 months.

Product Description

Almonds are the powerhouse of vitamins and brain boosters. It can be considered as a natural brain tonic. It is widely consumed all over the world either raw, roasted or soaked. It is also used in various food preparations, especially in deserts.

When you purchase almonds online make sure you buy the best quality. Look out for light brown pieces with the smooth finish and sweet taste (which is due to rich oil content). Also, ensure you get the ones with the oil content. In today‚Äôs market where there is a lot of adulteration, it is difficult to judge whether you are buying the pure product. 

The common adulteration done in almonds is the mixing of the same with apricot kernels. Though apricot kernels are good for health and have cancer-fighting properties however they have a slightly bitter taste. And of course when you want to buy almonds, you do not expect apricot kernels.

Buy premium almonds enriched healthy and tasty almonds online at Pure Mart.

There is something called as pasteurized and unpasteurized almonds. Pasteurization is done to kill the salmonella infection and is mandatory in California. Pasteurization is done through steam processing, roasting, blanching and by using highly toxic fumigation treatment with propylene oxide (PPO). PPO is carcinogenic in nature i.e. can cause cancer in humans. Hence it is always advisable to use raw almonds.

There are the various variety of almonds available in the market like California almonds, Mamra/ gurbandi, Kashmiri, Afghani etc. The rates, size, and nutritional contents differ for all the varieties mentioned. You can choose amongst them as per your interest.

You may get almonds with shells and without shells as well. However, due to lack of time in the busy life people choose to buy shelled ones. There is not much difference in the taste and nutrition between the both though.

Health Benefits of Almond Kernels

1. Almonds help in brain development and check brain health.

2. Regular consumption increases the good cholesterol and reduces the bad cholesterol. This balance maintains the healthy cholesterol level.

3. Almonds are high in phosphorous content, vitamins, and minerals necessary for bone and teeth health. It prevents osteoporosis.

4. It boosts the immune system and keeps the diseases away.

5. It is high in vitamin E, which is an antioxidant and keeps heart diseases away.

6. Almonds improve the skin complexion and nourish it. It provides the youthful glow to the skin.

7. Almonds promote healthy hair growth.

8. Almonds have very important fatty acids known as linoleic and linolenic acids which reduces inflammation in the body and hence are anti-inflammatory.

9. Almonds are rich in sodium and potassium. Sodium controls the fluctuation in the blood pressure.

Potassium regulates blood pressure.

10. Almonds boost energy and regulate the metabolic rate.

11. Almonds prevent colon cancer.

12. Almonds contain folic acid which is vital for fetus development.

13. Almonds satisfy the hunger and prevent overeating hence help is weight loss.

14. Almonds are high in fiber content hence it helps to prevent constipation.

15. Almonds protect against diabetes by regulating the sudden rise in the glucose and insulin level after eating food.

These tiny nuts help you to be healthy. So include them in your daily nutrition and get the benefits. Always stay healthy and beautiful.

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