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Gooey quinoa walnut wholesome bars

Gooey quinoa walnut wholesome bars

Ingredients  Ingredients

1 cup quinoa (Well tossed)This is the qty for the bar plus the crunchy quinoa coating.
- 8 to 10 dates
-A little coconut oil
-3 to 4 tablespoons soy milk
-Cocoa powder
1/2cup - Pure Mart Snow white Walnut Kernels
-A handful of roasted peanuts

Method  Method

In reality, fudge is quite rich and made with butter, milk, sugar, etc. Well actually, lots and lots of sugar and butter.
However, these indulgent snack bars are nourishing, healthy and good for you.
These are super quick and easy to make and as delicious as they could get.

Ingredients  Chef Tips

Pure Mart's quinoa being gluten-free is flavourful and has a lovely texture and you most definitely should look at PureMart to order your next batch of this nourishing superfood.

Ingredients  Nutrition Notes

The brand you buy matters most for quinoa than any other grains and Pure Mart genuinely does a great job with no bitter taste.

Also, the Snow while walnut kernels from PureMart were amazing. Super crunchy and with just munching on few could tell these are really high-quality nuts. PureMart's walnuts are earthy, crunchy and will be a wonderful addition to your breakfasts, desserts, dips, etc. It makes a great snack and good for cooking.