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Little Millets, 1 KG (Pack of 250 GM X 4)

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Little Millets


Store in a dry & airtight container.

Product Description

Little Millet, one of the small millets, is commonly called kutki in Hindi. It is also known as sava in Marathi, gajro in Gujrati, same in Kannada, samai in Tamil, and samalu in Telugu. A traditional crop, it is grown across India.

Health Benefits of Little Millets

Beneficial for nervous system: Being high in lecithin, it helps in strengthening the nervous system.

Prevention of pellagra: Pellagra is a type of skin disease caused due to niacin deficiency, in which skin becomes scaly and rough and starts falling off. Little millet helps prevention of pellagra.

Rich source of calcium: Little millet has a high amount of calcium in absorbable form which is essential for bone growth and maintenance.

Phosphorus: It is a rich source of phosphorous which is essential for cell building and genetic replication in the body.

Reduced risk of Diabetes: Being high in magnesium, it has been proved that regular consumption of millet can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, as it keeps a check on glucose and regulates insulin.

Help prevents gallstones: The high content of insoluble fibre in the millet helps prevent gallstones and reduces the probability of excessive secretion of bile.

Anti-ageing properties: It contains antioxidants which delay the ageing process. Anti-oxidants are substances that remove free radicals from your body.

It has health benefits for postmenopausal women suffering from heart ailments like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or any cardiovascular disease.

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