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Saffron Fresh Fruit Pudding with Basil seeds

Saffron Fresh Fruit Pudding with Basil seeds

Ingredients  Ingredients

1/2 teaspoon + 1 pinch (to garnish) saffron strands

4 teaspoons basil seeds (sabja)

1/4 cup plant milk of choice

1/2 cup fresh seasonal fruit of choice

1 teaspoon pistachio nuts, chopped

Method  Method

Soak the basil seeds (sabja) in the milk for 2 hours or until a gelatinous mixture is formed.

Chop seasonal fruit of choice into 1/2 inch cubes.

To layer equally divide a quarter of the soaked basil seeds at the base of two glasses.

Add a quarter of the chopped fruits on top, equally dividing them between the two glasses again.

Repeat both the layers again and garnish with some chopped pistachio nuts and saffron strands.