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Saffron Aam Panna Pataka

Saffron Aam Panna Pataka

Ingredients  Ingredients

1)Raw mango- 2

2)Water -1cup

3)Rock salt -As per taste

4)Cardamom -As per required

5)@pure_martindia Saffron -Few strands

6)Tulsi leaves.

7)Jaggery powder-3spoons

Method  Method

Take the raw mangoes and bring to boil in water.

Simmer for 10mins till it gets soft.

Let mangoes cool and peel off with a spoon.

Grind the pulp with needed water.

Then once cooled add Elaichi, jaggery powder and rock salt.

Take 4 saffron strands and put in some hot water and then add this mixture to the final pulp.

Freeze in small molds

Freeze for 5 hrs.