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Mughlai Kesar Chicken

Mughlai Kesar Chicken

Ingredients  Ingredients

500 grams - Chicken
2 cups - Thick Curd / Yogurt
½ cup (50 ml) - Warm Milk
50 grams - Fresh cream (you can add more if you wish)
3 pinches - Saffron
½ spoon (2 grams) - Dry ginger powder / Chukku podi
1½ spoons (10 grams) - Red chilli powder
2 spoons (12 grams) - Coriander powder
½ spoon (2 grams) - Fennel powder
Few pinches - Turmeric powder
A pinch - Asafoetida / Hing
½ spoon (2 grams) - Cumin seeds
6 grams (As per taste) - Salt
150 ml - Oil

Method  Method

 Wash chicken pieces well in water and keep aside. Add two pinches of saffron to warm milk and set aside. Take a wide bowl and add the following ingredients and beat well.

Curd - 2 cups
Dry ginger powder - ½ spoon
Red chilli powder - 1½ spoons
Coriander powder - 2 spoons
Fennel powder - ½ spoon
Turmeric powder - Few pinches
Salt - 6 grams (or as per taste)

Add the chicken pieces to this mixture and keep aside for 15 minutes.

Now heat a pan and add oil to it. After it heats up pick the chicken pieces, remove excess curd and fry them. The curd may get dispersed in oil nothing to worry just fry them until they get half cooked. Then remove the pieces from oil. Use the same pan and oil for the remaining procedure or use fresh oil. Heat pan with oil and add the cumin seeds and let it splutter. Then add a pinch of asafoetida. Now add the curd mixture used for marinating chicken and stir well for few minutes. When oil starts to separate add the fried chicken pieces and stir well. Add a cup of water, stir well and cook on medium flame until the chicken pieces turns soft and tender. Check for salt and add if needed.After the gravy thickens add the saffron milk and stir well for 2 minutes.Finally add the fresh cream and mix well. Remove from flame.Garnish with saffron and cream and serve.