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Kesar-Pista Mango Oats Milkshake

Kesar-Pista Mango Oats Milkshake

Ingredients  Ingredients

Oats milk

1 cup instant oats

2 cups of water


1 cup mango pulp

2 teaspoons chopped pistachio nuts

2 pinches Kesar threads

Method  Method

Oats milk

Soak 1 cup of oats in two cups of water overnight

Grind the oats in a mixer.

Strain it and its ready to use as oats milk.


Mix mango pulp, saffron, and pistachios add oats milk grind to make a milkshake

Decorate with saffron strands and pistachios on top

Ingredients  Nutrition Notes

Ideal for people with arthritis improves eyesight, boosts the functioning of the brain, cures asthma, beneficial during pregnancy