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Cashew Nut And Date Chocolate Bars

Cashew Nut And Date Chocolate Bars

Ingredients  Ingredients

1) Cashew

2) Dates

Method  Method

1. Take equal quantity of cashew nuts and dates (this will add the natural sweetness) and half the quantity of coconut powder (or desiccated coconut) and pulse them together along with hint of vanilla extract.

2. Run the blender until a coarse mix is attained (do not make into paste).

3. Line a baking tin and press this cashew mix firmly and evenly and keep aside.

4. Melt dark chocolate in a microwave oven for 30 seconds.

5. Pour the melted chocolate over the cashew-date mix.

6. Sprinkle some dessicated coconut and white sesame seeds (optional)

7. Keep inside the freezer (cover the container) for about 20 minutes for the chocolate to set.

7. Remove and cut into pieces and enjoy the tasty bars.

8. This can be stored in a jar and kept in a refrigerator for few weeks.