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6 Reasons Why You Must Include Apricots In Your Diet!

Apricots originated somewhere in China, probably closer to the mountains because they are also found easily in the Indian Himalayas in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. They spread quickly across the world owing to their beautiful yellow-orange texture, sweet taste and incredible health benefits. It is one of those items that can easily get featured in the list of the world's healthiest foods. Here are 6 reasons why you must include apricots in your diet!! 6 Reasons Why You Must Include...

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Back to the Basics: What Is Organic Food?

Organic food is the new normal these days. Many of us are talking about it, and many others want to use only organic food for their families. Every expert bats for it and celebrities vouch for it. Eating organic food is supposed to take care of most of modern day maladies. However, while everybody has a vague idea about organic food, nobody is quite sure what exactly does it mean. Are those organic tags are even real? It is a tough question but let us start from the start: what is organic food?...

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3 Awesome Recipes To Use Figs As Natural Sweeteners!

Sugar is present in a lot of food that we consume and sometimes we don't even realize it. That aside many of us suffer from a sweet tooth. Most processed food and soft drinks available in the market are alarmingly high on sugar. Oftentimes, we do not mind and consume these foods with nonchalance. However, we don't do our body many favors by consuming food like this! It is always a good idea to moderate sugar intakes even if you are not suffering from any illness. As they say, prevention is...

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Discover the Benefits Of Cashew Nuts And Enjoy Their Richness!

Today we are talking about the tastiest of the nuts. They taste like other nuts at the start but still there is something very rich and delectable that makes us go crazy! Who does not like a bowl of roasted cashews sprinkled with a pinch of salt? But the good news is that cashews are good for you too unlike the junk foods that only taste good but detrimental to your health. So, let us discover the benefits of cashew nuts as we enjoy their richness.Editor's Note: Cashew nuts are known as "Kaju"...

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