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Discover the Benefits Of Cashew Nuts And Enjoy Their Richness!

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Discover the Benefits Of Cashew Nuts And Enjoy Their Richness!

Today we are talking about the tastiest of the nuts. They taste like other nuts at the start but still there is something very rich and delectable that makes us go crazy! Who does not like a bowl of roasted cashews sprinkled with a pinch of salt? But the good news is that cashews are good for you too unlike the junk foods that only taste good but detrimental to your health. So, let us discover the benefits of cashew nuts as we enjoy their richness.

Editor's Note: Cashew nuts are known as "Kaju" in India and are grown in Kerela, Goa and southern coastal parts of India. You can buy pure Kerala cashews at the click of a button at Pure Mart

Benefits of cashew nuts

Cashew is a very “dense” food. That means even a small amount of it packs a lot of good things. It is very high in calories and so you can eat it to curb sudden pangs of hunger and only a small amount of it should suffice.

It is also high in fibre and rich in various types of vitamins and minerals.

Researchers have also found evidences of certain phytochemicals in it that have cancer resisting properties. These compounds prevent the cancerous cells from dividing themselves and multiplying, thus curbing their spread.

Cashews are also good for your heart. Although they are high in calorie, fat content is very low. They are full of monounsaturated-fatty acids that help in lowering harmful cholesterols but enhance the good cholesterols. Especially oleic acid is very helpful for the heart.

It has also been noticed that it improves the blood flow and prevents coronary diseases as well as work as a deterrent against strokes of various types. It should be helpful if you are suffering from high blood pressure too.

Cashew nuts are full of essential minerals such as manganese, copper, iron, selenium, calcium, zinc, potassium and magnesium in very high concentration. They are important in various critical functions of the body and the dearth of any of them can create imbalances in our system.

It is capable of fighting off and neutralizing free radicals and keeps the system out of harm’s way.

Regular intake of cashew nuts is believed to be helpful in preventing gall bladder stones. It also enhances overall intestinal health and improves digestion.

Cashews are also full of essential vitamins such as vitamin B5, vitamin B-6, riboflavin, niacin and thiamin (vitamin B-1). A couple of hundred grams of these can actually supply our daily need of vitamins. Different vitamins help develop antioxidants and improve immunity, enhance skin and protect us against various illnesses.

Apart from illnesses, cashews are also good for your overall health and looks. If you are looking to lose weight, cashew nuts can be a god ally. As mentioned earlier, they are very dense. A small amount of these nuts can make you full and thus prevent you from overeating. Also the copper content makes your hair darker and shinier while the calcium and magnesium are good for your bones, teeth and gums. It is also good for the skin and it has been observed that it can filter UV rays and ameliorate its impact on the skin.

Cashews are a great way to keep you healthy. All you have to do is to consume it in moderation on a regular basis. Also, do make sure not to over process it by frying or excessive roasting so as not to destroy the nutrients even before they enter your system!

Before, I go, here's a bonus recipe to make your own cashew butter at home! :-)

What are you waiting for? Get ready for that awesomely rich snack now! :-)