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Control Hypertension with organic food

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Control Hypertension with organic food

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a very common condition now a days in all the age groups be it young or elderly. download (2) Heart is the vital organ which pumps blood to the entire body. Heart muscles contracts to pump blood into blood vessels and relaxes to fill the pump again. The peak of the pumping action is systolic and the pressure that remains during the relaxing period is called diastolic.The blood pressure of the normal human being is about 120/80 however it differs from person to person due to the age, weight, height, time, mood and posture. Dis-balance in the blood pressure is known as hypertension (High blood pressure) and Hypotension ( low blood pressure) The main causes of hypertension are : Age, stress, obesity, poor diet, smoking, alcoholism, sedentary lifestyle, hypo and hyper thyroidism, kidney diseases, high salt intake, magnesium, potassium , vitamin D and calcium deficiency, High sugar intake etc. If hypertension is not treated in time then it will pose load on the heart, that means the heart has to work harder to maintain healthy body functions. There is a risk of developing heart problems like stroke. There are drugs in the market which when taken under doctors supervision, will help you keep your blood pressure under control . However few lifestyle changes will enable you to maintain blood pressure easily.

  1. Physical activity or exercise.
  2. Healthy eating habits, avoid oily junk food. Go for wholesome nutrition.
  3. Reduce salt intake.
  4. Take ample amount of minerals like potassium present in sulfer-dioxide free dried Kashmiri apricots, Kashmiri raisins, Dried pitted prunes, Arabic dates, kashmiri dried figs ;magnesium present in premium almonds, cashew nuts, Flax seeds, pine nuts , pecan nuts ; calcium present in figs, dates , apricots and prunes.
There are few very effective herbs in maintaining healthy blood pressure.
  1. Garlic : eating 2 cloves of garlic every morning on empty stomach reduces high blood pressure.
  2. Green tea: 1-2 cups of green tea a day.
  3. Lemon: Half lemon in a glass of warm water on empty stomach daily.
  4. Gooseberry (Avla) : mix gooseberry paste with honey and consume 1 spoon each morning on empty stomach.
  5. Honey: 2 teaspoon of honey on empty stomach lowers the blood pressure by calming the heart valves.
  6. Basil: Consume 3 leaves of basil every morning on empty stomach.
Go organic, live healthy. Adopt a healthy lifestyle its better to be late than never. Healthy-Lifestyles A healthy lifestyle is the key to a healthy body , mind and soul.