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Ramadan and the science of breaking fast with Dry fruits

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Ramadan and the science of breaking fast with Dry fruits

a10d4eca448a85d1e89d2822360cb05f Ramadan, the ninth month in the Islamic calendar is the holy month of fasting from sunrise to sunset. As per the follower fasting teaches to be patient, spiritual and modest.The thoughts are kept pure during the holy month. Food is taking before sunrise and after sunset with family or community. Elderly, ill, lactating and menstruating women are exempted from fasting. The meal served before sunrise is called Suhoor and the one served after sunset is Iftar.Suhoor is the most important meal and needs to be taken.After this prayers done through of the day with specific intervals.At sunset the fast is broken with dates and water. Followed by the meal. Breaking fast with dates have a spiritual as well as scientific reason. Spiritual reason, The Messenger of Allah would break his fast with ripe dates before he would pray. bilde Scientific reason:

  1. Dates contain high content of natural sugars, which directly is converted to energy by liver very quickly as compared to any other food item. This punch of energy is important at breaking the fast to continue with sunset prayers.
  2. Due to entire day of fasting the body is weakened and cannot digest the complex meal immediately. Hence dates are consumed to get the body’s digestive system running which was in rest for long hours.
  3. Dates are rich in several vitamins, minerals and fiber too. These delicious fruits contain oil, calcium, sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, copper and magnesium. Hence consuming dates during Ramadan is like taking a multivitamin.
  4. Dates are rich in fiber, which prevents constipation due to eating traditionally rich food.
Other popular dry fruits during Ramadan are Pistachio, raisins, walnuts, almonds, figs, cashew etc. Happy Ramadan to all our Muslim brothers and sisters. Have a blessed month. You can now buy organically grown dry fruits and Arabic dates at www.puremart.in http://www.puremart.in/premium-arabic-dates/109/