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Secret of Kesar Almond milk at first night revealed

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Secret of Kesar Almond milk at first night revealed

Hindu marriages are based on the ancient rituals which are carried forward till date. The bride and the groom have to take part in the tiring rituals to get united; to be called as man and wife. The traditional rituals do not get ended with the marriage however set of rituals have to be undergone post the marriage. After the bidaai (the bride leaving her family and joining his groom and his family), the bride reaches her new home, graha pravesh (celebrating the bride coming home for the first time) is performed which is followed by puja (prayers) and then the sisters are bribed by the groom to get to spend the left over time with his beautiful bride. Sisters and rest of the family try their best to keep the groom and the bride away as long as possible.

A huge amount (in cash or kind) is charged by the sisters to give entry to the bride and the groom to their love nest or the bedroom. The bedroom is decorated with beautiful and fragrant flowers to create the most romantic experience.

The bride and the groom is offered a warm glass of almond and saffron milk on the first night as per the Hindu tradition and courtesy Bollywood films and serials. 1488656_875093089174874_1535263367_n[1] Now let me tell you about the science behind the decorated room and the warm milk containing almonds and pure saffron. It is an age-old tradition to decorate couple’s room with fresh fragrant, flowers for their first night or suhagraat. The fragrant flowers leave an aphrodisiac effect on the couple. It’s a beautiful way of blessing the newly wedded to begin the new chapter in their life together. Now science behind the saffron and crushed almond milk. Milk acts as a vehicle to get the ingredients to the reproductive system. According to ancient scriptures, couples are offered warm cup of saffron and almond milk to:

  1. Replenish their loss of energy after long tiring wedding rituals.
  2. Amino acids present in almond-saffron milk, gives you a punch of strength, that is why you are recommended a protein shake before a workout. Similarly this explains the practice to leave a glass of almond saffron milk in a couple's wedding night chamber. Milk and almonds both give you protein; which making hormones (testosterone and oestrogen) and these two hormones support better sex.
  3. Milk is a considered as aphrodisiac; i.e. it strengthens the reproductive tissue. It is vitalizing for re-productivity so that both the sex drive and the offspring is strong.
  4. Saffron is also used to increase interest in sex.
  5. Saffron prevents pre-mature ejaculation.
  6. Saffron is known to cure infertility.
  7. First night brings lot of nervousness hence the almond-saffron milk helps release happy hormone called endorphins to help the couple feel happy and calm.
This concoction need not only be used on your first night or suhagraat, you can also use it intermittently to spice up your sex life. Get pure unadulterated, Kashmiri Saffron and organic dry fruits online directly from Kashmir. Just log onto www.puremart.in