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What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Only Organic Food?

Healthy Living Posted By PureMart 4th Aug 2015 Views : 905    
What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Only Organic Food?

A Swedish study conducted a study by tracking the food of a regular family for 21 days and found “insecticides, fungicides, and plant growth regulator” in urine samples taken. And, when they changed their diet to a organic one after 21 days the results were startling. When you eat only organic food would things change?

What happens to your body when you eat only organic food?

Making the choice to eat healthier is the least we can do for ourselves, specially in these modern times where we can be struck by random diseases and our lifestyles encourage our immune system to be at its lowest. You have to ask yourself ‘what are the elements of my current routine that I can change and quickly’. One of the easiest to achieve is changing to a mostly clean or ‘organic’ diet.

According to different studies and reports, an organic lifestyle is healthier because of the following reasons:

  1. You consciously avoid the different chemicals one is almost forced to consume daily in food like pesticides and fertilizers, preservatives and industry level chemicals etc.
  2. We are consuming them unknowingly as we do not know what these are and how they have been included in our food chain.
  3. These chemicals are linked to developmental disabilities in children, as well as cancer, and other health problems later in life.

What does it mean to adopt an organic lifestyle?

Living an organic lifestyle means living in a way that is healthful for the person and for the environment. Choosing an organic lifestyle means that you are choosing a path that provides a sustainable, healthy future for yourself and the future generations. Organic living is a method that makes people be open and support a more sustainable approach in farming and consumption of goods.

Adopting a organic lifestyle has several choices for you to make.

  1. One is eating organically grown foods.
  2. Secondly, using beauty products made without chemicals like plant extracts and minerals is also to be considered. Editor's note: Check out Pure Mart's range of organic handmade soaps to get easy access to these products!
  3. To truly adopt an organic lifestyle, don’t stop with the food you eat. Organic products are nearly everywhere, from beauty products to clothing, and even pet food.
An organic lifestyle will make an impact on both your body and your world.

How to find organic food and products

Eating food that is grown without the use of chemicals not only contributes to personal health, it also reduces the negative impact on the planet. Food that is produced using chemical insecticides, herbicides and harmful fertilizers ultimately affects the environment by soaking into the soil and and being deposited into the ground water, lakes and streams. By demanding organically produced food, we need to send a strong message that chemically processed food is unmarketable. When that happens, growers will depend less and less on harmful additives that contaminate our food supply.

  1. You can embrace this organic lifestyle by starting a small garden containing just a few regular use vegetables. Many vegetables are easy to grow from seed (started indoors in colder climates), and packaged organic soil, and organic plants, are available from many garden companies. You’ll have the freshest produce around, as well as the satisfaction of having total control over what has gone into your foods and your body.
  2. Secondly, everything you buy from the market nowadays, ensure it is regularly cleaned. A method the doctor advised was “dunk the veggies including the green leafy ones in a bucket of water treated with turmeric and salt” to clean pesticides and chemicals on the epidermis of the different fruits and vegetables.
  3. Thirdly, use organic grocery shops and retailers like Pure Mart to ensure you get a supply of your organic food easily and build your organic kitchen without hassles!

The one place you are most helpless is when you fall sick or someone you love does so. Prevention is better than care. So, take the right decisions. Stay healthy and embrace organic!