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Ever Wondered how much healthy you are?

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Ever Wondered how much healthy you are?

Well this is this is very first attempt of writing a blog for Pure Mart. In this edition we would like to showcase the dream we have and dreams we see with PureMart. There are 2 brains who are working day and night effortlessly for Pure Mart to achieve the Healthy Dream which they thought of before starting PureMart. “The story is quite sad yet very encouraging for all of readers for a new & healthy beginning”. healthy It was dark evening when Founder ‘Sahil Verma’ was back home with series of regular corporate life complaints with stress in mind, frustration, peer pressure, low salary, bad management, body ache and ruthless lifestyle. Everyday a robot will get up at 8AM after a tiring evening, brush teeth, grab a cuppa tea and a toast and start journey to office again to serve an overseas customer. Every day he sees pressure, frustration, unhealthy lifestyle, work load and returns with same complaints like we and many of you do while returning from office. One always need a patient and calm listening partner to digest your anger and frustration for daily routine. And this was the cofounder of Pure Mart and wife cum best pal of Sahil who not only listened his frustrations but also helped him giving birth to ‘PURE MART’ i.e. www.puremart.in. While most of us cannot take a step out of our regular jobs and life- Sahil always dreamt of doing something different from others. Being a Pharmacist Graduate and Masters in Business Administration he had a fire within to do business but Question was What?Which?How? He never wanted to be in rat race of Pharmaceutical generic industry nor a regular pharmacy shop runner rather he wanted to change the Health care with a unique concept by bringing ‘Healthy Eating Habits’ in daily routine to stay away from any disease. The day wasn’t far when he was about to start a new beginning with Pure Mart & he got a sad news about a closest friend’s Father who passed away of Heart Attack. That incident shook his Mind, Body and Soul and taken away all the Belief’s about Life. The whole family of his close friend was shocked and stunned with the demise. Days, Months passed when we actually sat together and tried to figure out the reason behind this sudden incident & here is a list for 10 major reasons which exist in almost 9 out of 10 families or individuals today in INDIA.

  1. No exercise since adult age.
  2. No regular walk, used vehicles even for closest distance
  3. No control over food intake and Calories
  4. Never had any regular Check ups
  5. No nutrition in the diet
  6. Small health issues taken lightly
  7. Regular health officer is nearest pharmacist and not a Health Practitioner (Doctor)
  8. No schedule of daily meals
  9. No sound sleep of 5-6 hours
These are simple reasons today which he did not follow because he was in race to earn Money. Remember these regular habits were not more difficult to achieve than losing a ‘LIFE’. We intend to write more about Health and Healthy Lifestyle. Keep sharing and spreading about us so that we expand our helping hands to all Families around. About Founder- Sahil Verma Born and brought in Jammu (Winter capital of J&K), Pharmacy Graduate from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore and Master in Business Administration from Sikkim Manipal University. During his corporate career he served around 5 years in Clinical Research Industry with SIRO CLINPHARM PVT LTD, UNITED HEALTH GROUP, and COGNIZANT TECHONOLOGIES SOLN. PVT. LTD at various positions. He is on a mission to create an online e-platform i.e. “Pure Mart” to connect to your own heavenly land of Jammu & Kashmir just by a click. Mission Our Mission is to eliminate adulteration and to build a strong and healthy nation by providing nature’s best essence next to your doorstep with a unique approach. Values The brand strongly portrays organic and natural products, since all PureMart products are cultivated under natural weather conditions. The brand values for PureMart are Real, Virgin, Healthy, Natural, Honest, Native, Traditional and Essential. Co Founder's Message "We do not have any history in the business rather Pure Mart would love to create a history with you, by bringing happiness and good health to your loved ones with our core values" - Rajani Verma floral-pattern.pngfloral-pattern.png