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Saffron in Pregnancy - Good or Bad?

Healthy Living Posted By PureMart 18th Oct 2021 Views : 16    
Saffron in Pregnancy - Good or Bad?

Saffron, a famous Indian Spice chemically known as Crocus sativus. Saffron is the reddish orange pollen threads of the saffron flower, popularly known as 'Kesar ‘KumKumappu’. It is used for adding flavour to various dishes in India and countries all over the world.

Apart from its effects on complexion, many researches have proven the good effects of saffron when consumed during pregnancy.

In India, the consumption of saffron during pregnancy is the most common advice given by elders in the family. Saffron has ‘Crocin’ compound which maintains the blood temperature and gives proper circulation throughout the day. This circulates proper oxygen to all the organs and helps in the proper growth of baby organs. Hence, it is also said that consuming saffron in pregnancy after the 1st trimester gives wonderful results.

Here're a few reasons why Saffron in pregnancy is Good;

  1. Saffron during the 9th month of pregnancy has a muscle relaxant effect, like the hormone oxytocin, which prepares the mother's body for delivery and aids in easy childbirth.
  2. Saffron helps in controlling cold and cough. It helps in reducing a stuffy nose, which is common during pregnancy.
  3. Antidepressant action of the saffron helps in calming down mood swings that are frequently seen during pregnancy.
  4. Saffron helps in digestion and improves blood circulation.
  5. Saffron is rich in various active components like carotenoids, safranal, crocin, etc., minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that boost the immune system of the body, prevent cancer, and act as painkillers and anxiety relievers. They help in controlling diabetes, reducing inflammation and increasing bone strength.

Consuming a small quantity of saffron during pregnancy is safe and beneficial. Too much saffron during pregnancy can cause side effects that can be serious in nature.