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Secret of Kesar Almond milk at first night revealed

Hindu marriages are based on the ancient rituals which are carried forward till date. The bride and the groom have to take part in the tiring rituals to get united; to be called as man and wife. The traditional rituals do not get ended with the marriage however set of rituals have to be undergone post the marriage. After the bidaai (the bride leaving her family and joining his groom and his family), the bride reaches her new home, graha pravesh (celebrating the bride coming home...

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How to Test Purity of Saffron (3 Steps)

Many a times people are worried of being cheated with adulterated Kashmiri Saffron at low cost available at local retail stores and online.In this post we will be sharing couple of simple yet powerful steps to #check #purity #of #saffron before purchasing.The major producers of antiquity Iran, Spain, India, and Greece continue to dominate the world trade. Of which #Kashmiri #Saffron often called as "Lachha" or "Guchhi" is world famous for its health benefits and fragrance. The high cost of...

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