Back to the Basics: What Is Organic Food?   Recently updated !

Organic food is the new normal these days. Many of us are talking about it, and many others want to use only organic food for their families. Every expert bats for it and celebrities vouch for it. Eating organic food is supposed to take care of most of modern day maladies. However, […]

Back to the Basics- What Is Organic Food? Pure Mart India

3 Awesome Recipes To Use Figs As Natural Sweeteners Pure Mart Blog

3 Awesome Recipes To Use Figs As Natural Sweeteners!   Recently updated !

Sugar is present in a lot of food that we consume and sometimes we don’t even realize it. That aside many of us suffer from a sweet tooth. Most processed food and soft drinks available in the market are alarmingly high on sugar. Oftentimes, we do not mind and consume these foods with […]

How To Protect Your Skin From the Sun Naturally!   Recently updated !

Sunshine is imperative for any kind of life on earth. Vitamin D deficiencies and depression are not uncommon in absence of sunshine exposure. However, it is also powerful and penetrative. Especially in the Indian summer it can have a really affect our skin. The parts that are directly exposed to […]

How To Protect Your Skin From the Sun Naturally Pure Mart healthy living

Discover the Benefits Of Cashew Nuts And Enjoy Their Richness!

Discover the Benefits Of Cashew Nuts And Enjoy Their Richness!

Today we are talking about the tastiest of the nuts. They taste like other nuts at the start but still there is something very rich and delectable that makes us go crazy! Who does not like a bowl of roasted cashews sprinkled with a pinch of salt? But the good news […]

The Coolest Berries That You Need In Your Diet

Berries are tiny but colourful. Those colours are not for nothing. They indicate the richness of these fruits in terms of nutrients and that is why you must include them in your regular diet. Various types of berries have been identified to be rich sources of vitamins and minerals. They […]

The Coolest Berries That You Need In Your Diet

How To Build Your Own Foodosophy Pure Mart

How To Build Your Own Foodosophy!

Nobody wants to be unhealthy, ill or fat. But the most common topic of conversation across circles would be on “Diets”. Diets are often overly complicated and make it unrealistic for most people to follow them because almost every season brings in a new fad. Seeing results from a diet is […]

How to Detox Your Body: A Weekend Plan of Healthy Eating

Have you been reading about the benefits of organic food and living? Usually before you begin on anything new, you need to learn how to detox your body and begin well! Today, we share some tips and benefits of this process, while also sharing a weekend detox plan for those […]

Pure mart healthy organic kitchen how to detox your body

Your Guide to Organic living

What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Only Organic Food?

A Swedish study conducted a study by tracking the food of a regular family for 21 days and found “insecticides, fungicides, and plant growth regulator” in urine samples taken. And, when they changed their diet to a organic one after 21 days the results were startling. When you eat only […]