Green tea for healthy body

Tea is grown all over the world and is basically derived from Camellia sinensis plant, which is a native to China and India.

Tea varies only because of the region where it is grown, time when it is harvested and the method used for processing.

Tea is consumed since ages as it is considered as key to good health, wisdom and happiness.

There are different types of Tea available:

  1. Green Tea -The most popular and widely consumed tea. It is made with steamed leaves.
  2. Black Tea – Is made with fermented tea leaves.
  3. White Tea-  is uncured and un-fermented.
  4. Pu-erh Tea – is made from fermented and aged leaves.
  5. Oolong Tea – It is a mixture of black tea and green tea.
  6. Herbal Tea – is a beverage made from the infusion or decoction of herbs, spices, or other plant material in hot water, and usually does not contain caffeine.

Most of above mentioned tea are prepared without using milk.

In India, tea is relished in its very desi form like adrak chai (ginger tea), Masala Chai (spiced tea), elaichi chai (Cardamom tea). All of these are prepared using milk.

There is a lot of variation in the preparation of the tea from person to person in India. Some like to have tea with more milk, some with less milk, some prefer mild tea and some strong.

In Indian families the days starts with a sip of garma-garam Chai ( hot tea). Tea gives you the most needed kick to start your day with full of energy.

Similarly after a long tiring day, all you need is a cup of your type of chai (tea). Sipping the tea and unwinding is all you need.

We Indians do not have a fixed time points to have tea.  It can be relished at any time of the day. The Guests are greeted with snacks accompanied with delicious tea.  Serving the best cup of tea is a matter of pride for the host. And the guest remembers the taste for long time.



India masala (spiced) tea

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In some regions of India Tea is made differently.

Gud gud chai from Ladakh is very popular among the localities. It is prepared using black tea, salt and butter. Salt provides electrolytes and butter provides much needed fat to keep the body warm in the harsh weather in Ladakh.

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Ladakhi butter tea

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Another type of exquisite tea is Kashmiri Kehwa. It is consumed in Kashmir mainly, but it has also got famous in rest of the India. Kehwa is caffeine free drink. You might have drunk all types of green tea but Kehwa is different from the rest due to its divine ingredients and taste.

kashmiri-tea-7-13 (1)

Kashmiri green tea or Kehwa leaves

Kashmiri Green Tea (Kehwa) is a fat burner and digestive drink that improves concentration and fights stress. It energizes and has a warming effect. Kehwa helps to relieve headache and maintain fluid level in the body. It  is an excellent anti-oxidant.

Kashmiri Kehwa is prepared by boiling green tea or Kashmiri kehwa leaves with cinnamon bark, cardamom, sugar and pure Kashmiri saffron. It is served hot with crushed almonds in shallow cups.

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Kehwa preparation is very simple and can be easily prepared at home using common kitchen supplies. You may follow the simple recipe mentioned here.


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Preparation Time: 10-12 minutes
Boiling Time : 10 minutes
Serves: 4


Kashmiri Tea (Kehwa) or Kashmiri Green tea- 2 pinches
Saffron Strands (Kesar)- 2 pinches
• Green Cardamom (Chhoti elaichi) – 2 (coarsely crushed)
Almonds or Badam- 8 (coarsely crushed)
Cinnamon (Dalchini)- 1 stick
Sugar- 2 tablespoons


• Boil 3 cups of water along with cinnamon, cardamom, Kesar (Saffron) and Kashmiri Tea (Kehwa) leaves
• Leave to boil and infuse for 8-10 minutes
• In 4 cups add small quantity of coarsely crushed almonds. Strain the boiling infusion into each cup.
• Serve hot and enjoy the heavenly tea.

Kehwa is drunk very often during the winters and is kept in a big vessel called Samovar , which is a kettle to brew, boil and serve Kashmiri Kehwa.



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Now a days Green Tea is very popular due to its health benefits, few are listed below.

  1. It decreases blood cholesterol
  2. It can reduce body fat.
  3. It has anti-cancer properties
  4. It is an antioxidant
  5. Prevents tooth decay,
  6. It has antibacterial property
  7. It has anti-influenza effect
  8. It inhibits high blood pressure
  9. It  has anti-hyperglycemic effect
  10. It prevents bad breath.
  11. Increases alertness
  12. Increases stamina
  13. Prevents hangover
  14. Its mild diuretic
  15. Maintenance of healthy skin and mucus membrane
  16. It aids in maintenance of nighttime vision


So drink Green Tea and boost your immune system.

Get healthy from inside and outside!





Fight off cancer with Apricots

Apricot is a golden yellow fruit, which is very tasty and fibrous. Apricots are relative to peaches, however they are much smaller in size. The world’s largest producer of dried apricots is Turkey. In India Ladakh is one of the best producer of apricots.


Apricots are eaten fresh during the season and in the dried form for rest of the year.

Apricots fruit seed has edible kernel which is consumed. It is bitter in taste, hence oil is extracted from it and used for several medical conditions including CANCER.

Apricots are traditionally preserved by drying the fruit in the sun for days. Hence the sun dried apricots are darker in the colour due to sun exposure. These are the most safe and chemical free products.
Another method of apricot preservation is, chemical treatment where the apricots are treated with sulfurdioxide . The chemical imparts vivid orange colour to the fruit and also extends the shelf life and is harmful for health.

Apricots have anti-cancer properties.

Hence whether you are fighting with cancer or you have a family history, a little change in your life style and diet can make huge difference to fight cancer.

Some foods increase the risk of cancer while some prevent cancer by improving your immune system.Hence by making smart food choices you can protect yourself from not only cancer but other dreadful diseases.

Why Apricot is considered to fight cancer?
It’s because Apricots have less fat, high fiber, and more cancer-fighting nutrients.
These three elements work together to support immune system and help the body fight off cancer.
Not only the apricot fruit but its seed kernel have promising effect on cancer.
The apricot pits (seeds) contain a compound called glycosides which are a combination of sugar and cyanide. Toxic enzyme produced by cancer cell triggers break down of sugar which released cyanide; this in turn kills the cancer cell. Healthy cells are not killed by cyanide as healthy cells produce an enzyme which makes cyanide harmless.
Apricot kernels also affect cancer cells by inhibiting the blood flow to the cancerous cells or tumor.If the tumor does not get blood supply then it die eventually.
Healthcare professional’s advice cancer patients to eat dried apricots regularly as it fights and prevents cancer.

Now coming to the nutritional and healthy benefits of dried Kashmiri apricots.

1. Apricots are rich in vitamin A, C, copper, calcium, manganese and iron. Hence good for eyes and skin. Good for bone health and bone marrow production.
2. Sodium and potassium content of apricot helps to maintain the fluid balance in the body so that nutrients are distributed to all the organs appropriately.
3. Apricots are rich flavonoids hence prevents heart diseases.
4. Carotenoids and xanthophylls present in apricots protects eyes from age related damage.
5. Apricots are rich in fiber hence cures constipation.
6. More than half of the total dietary fiber provided by apricots are soluble fiber; hence aids in lowering the cholesterol.
7. Apricot oil (few drops) when put into the ear canal, cures ear aches.
8. Apricots prevent fevers.
9. Apricot cures eczema, itching and scabies.
10. Aids in curing asthma and cancer.
11. Treats anemia.
12. Apricot oil is used against tumors, swellings, and ulcers.
13. Apricots are considered an aphrodisiac.

Apricots should be stored in a cool dry place. You can refrigerate apricots after opening the pack to increase its shelf life.

Internet has made our life easy and comfortable. You can now order Healthy Dried Kashmir Apricots sitting at home from and enjoy the benefits of this tiny fruit.


Body massage – a passage to wellness

Physical and mental stress leads to a fatigued body. A masseur or a massage therapist has the art of massaging away the pain, stress, fatigue and tension from the body.

What is body massage?

It is a process of massaging the body by using hands, fingers, knees, elbows, forearm, feet or any massage device. It is generally working on the body with pressure by using structured or unstructured motion.

Why is it necessary?

Massaging rubs away fatigue and stress. It improves blood circulation. It creates a pleasant sensation on the skin and works on the soft tissue like muscles, tendons and ligaments hence improves muscle tone. Its benefits reach the deeper layers of muscle and even the internal organs. It relaxes muscle spasm and relieves tension. It helps to eliminate waste and toxins from the body.

Types of massages

  1. Reflexology,
  2. Rolfing
  3. Acupressure,
  4. Athletic Massage,
  5. Polarity Massage,
  6. Swedish Massage
  7. Aromatherapy massage

You may buy pure essential oils online at at reasonable price directly from Kashmir.

One of the most common type of massage is Aromatherapy massage.

It is a body massage using highly effective essential oils and essential oil blends mixed with carrier oil to massage the body.


These essential oil benefits are combined with the age old massage techniques to benefit your body and soul for a healthy living.

Popular essential oils and its benefits are mentioned below:

1. Lavender Essential Oils: Calming scent makes it an excellent tonic for nerves and anxiety issue. It treats headache, migraine, depression, nervous tension and stress. It improves blood circulation, restores hormonal balance, it eases breathing. Cures insomnia.

Lavender2. Ylang Ylang essential oil: is said to offer a variety of health benefits.One of the main components of ylang ylang essential oil is linalool, a compound found to possess stress-reducing properties. Inhaling the aroma of ylang ylang essential oil or absorbing ylang ylang essential oil through the skin is thought to transmit messages to a brain region involved in controlling emotions. Ylang ylang essential oil is also used to alleviate stress, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, improve mood, and enhance libido. It acts as a natural insect repellent, promote wound healing, and diminish the appearance of scars when applied to the skin.

Ylang Ylang

3. Lemongrass Essential Oil: is an analgesic, antidepressant, antimicrobial, antipyretic, antiseptic, astringent, bactericidal, carminative, deodorant, diuretic, febrifuge, fungicidal, galactogogue, insecticidal, nervine, sedative and tonic substance. It reduces pain and inflammation and pain in muscles, joints and teeth. It increases quality milk production in lactating mothers.It inhibits microbial and bacterial growth on the body. It is antipyretic in nature, which reduces fever.

lemongrass-essential-oil-7-644. Tea tree essential oil: has been claimed to be useful for treating a wide variety of medical conditions. It has antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antiviral, balsamic, cicatrisant, expectorant, fungicide, insecticide, stimulant properties. It boosts immune system.Its effective against fungal and bacterial infection. It has stimulating effect on hormone secretions and blood circulation. It reduces dandruff and hair loss. It helps heal and soothe sunburns.It relieves itchiness from rashes as well as helps reduce rashes.

teatree-oil-1-735. Rosewood essential oils: its a good antidepressant. Improves blood circulation.Provides relief from headaches and joint pains.Useful in treatment of skin diseases and acne. Stimulates hormones, enzyme, acids and bile secretion. Keeps brain cool, active, sharp and alert.Increases libido. Serves as an ideal natural deodorant.

Rose Wood6. Rosemary essential oil: Stimulates blood circulation and relieves pain. Strengthens immune system. Tones skin and removes dryness.


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Essential oils are not only used for massage but may also be used in varied manner.

Many people have queries regarding the proper use of these essential oils.

Essential oils can be used in the following manner:

  1. Essential oils can be inhaled through dispenser or steam inhalation (add 10 drops in hot water)
  2. Put 5-10 drops of the essential oil in the bath tub or bathing water soon before take the bath.
  3. Put 10 drops on hot compresses.
  4. For facial steam put 1-5 drops in hot water bowl and inhale the stem. It opens the pores and removes dust. Heals sinuses, cures headaches and skin problems.
  5. It is used for body massages by diluting in carrier oils like pure almond and sesame oil. Log onto to buy purest almond oil directly from Kashmir.
  6. Put few drops of essential oil directly into diffuser to get a fragrant atmosphere throughout the day. There are several diffusers available in market like, candle diffuser, electric diffuser, cool air nebulizing diffuser and humidifiers.
  7. Make your own room freshener by adding 10-20 drops of your favorite essential oil with filtered water. Spray this mix whenever you require.
  8. Based on the properties of particular essential oil you may add it to pure almond oil and apply on to your head by massaging. This gives you natural benefits of the essential oil. For egg: you may use lemongrass to remove excess oil and dandruff on the scalp.

Howtouse essential oils

Never use essential oil directly on the skin without diluting it with carrier oil or water. As the essential oils are very concentrated and are not always suitable to skin directly.

A single massage keeps you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Undergoing a series of massages is what will give you maximum benefits. Hence regular massages boosts the entire body mechanism.

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Saffron- A Wonder Spice& Home Cure for Diabetes.:)


Over 30 million have now been diagnosed with diabetes in India. The CPR (Crude prevalence rate) in the urban areas of India is thought to be 9 per cent.
In rural areas, the prevalence is approximately 3 per cent of the total population.
The population of India is now more than 1000 million: this helps to give an idea of the scale of the problem.
The estimate of the actual number of diabetics in India is around 40 million.
This means that India actually has the highest number of diabetics of any one country in the entire world. IGT (Impaired Glucose Tolerance) is also a mounting problem in India.
Pure Saffron or Kesar is one of the priciest spices available on the ‘Earth’. From antiquity to modern times the history of saffron is full of applications in food, drink, and traditional herbal medicine. Buy Pure Kashmiri Kesar (Saffron) online at Pure Mart without any hassles.

The major producers of Saffron are Iran, Spain, India, and Greece continue to dominate the world trade. Of which Kashmiri Saffron often called as “Lachha” or “Guchhi” is world famous for its health benefits and fragrance.

Climate Change Blamed For Low Saffron Yield

The high cost of Pure Kashmiri Saffron is due to the difficulty of manually extracting large numbers of minute stigmas, which are the only part of the crocus with the desired aroma and flavor. An excessive number of flowers need to be processed in order to yield marketable amounts of saffron.

Obtaining 1 lb (0.45 kg) of dry saffron requires the harvesting of some 50,000 flowers, the equivalent of football pitch’s area.
Saffron is widely used not only for its taste and aroma but for its health benefits as follows:
1. The active components in saffron acts as an antiseptic, antidepressant, anti-oxidant, digestive, anti-convulsant.
2. Kashmiri saffron is a good source of copper, potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, selenium, zinc and magnesium. Potassium is important for cell and body fluids that helps control heart rate and blood pressure. Iron is essential for red blood cell production.
3. Kashmiri saffron is rich in many vital vitamins, including vitamin A, folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin-C that is essential for optimum health.
4. Saffron is used for asthma, cough and to loosen phlegm.
5. Kashmiri saffron is useful for sleep problems, hardening of the arteries, intestinal gas, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, pain, heartburn, and dry skin.
6. Women use saffron for easing menstrual cramps and premenstrual syndrome. Men use it to prevent early orgasm (premature ejaculation) and infertility.
7. Saffron is also used to increase interest in sex and to induce sweating.
8. Some people apply saffron directly to the scalp for prevention and cure of baldness (alopecia).
9. Saffron is beneficial for hair as it helps in stimulating hair growth.
10. Saffron can be mixed with licorice and milk and applied to bald spots. This will combat hair loss and promote hair growth.

One of the most important health benefit is anti-hyperglycemic effect of the saffron spice on humans. It means that saffron can regulate the blood sugar level in humans and improves glucose uptake and utilization by the muscles. Hence prevents and cures diabetes.
Clinical research on rats have shown similar effects to prove the theory.
As per statistics, “ Diabetes affects 62 million Indians, which is approximately 7.1% of India’s adult population. Nearly 1 million Indians die due to Diabetes every year.”
Diabetes is not only found in adults but in children as well. Diabetes in children is known as Juvenile diabetes.
Diabetes, a long-term condition causing high blood sugar level has following common symptoms:
Frequent urination, intense thirst and hunger, weight gain, unusual weight loss, fatigue, cuts and bruises that do not heal, male sexual dysfunction, numbness and tingling in hands and feet.
There are lot #medications available in market to maintain the blood sugar level this includes oral anti-diabetic drugs and Insulin injections. Doctors prescribe the same depending upon the person’s current medical condition.
Diabetes if not treated well can lead to Glaucoma/ loss of sight, Gangrene, skin disorders, heart problem, hypertension, hearing problem, gum diseases, wound healing takes longer etc.


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“To be healthy and lead a healthy life is totally in our hands. It does not take much to be healthy; just a little change in the lifestyle and wrong eating habits.
There are natural herbs available to cure so many diseases with regular use.
Pure Kashmiri Saffron or Kesar boiled in a cup of milk and consumed daily maintains healthy blood sugar level.
A pinch of saffron mixed with half teaspoon of butter/ghee gives similar effect to prevent diabetes.
Saffron can be used in tea as well, it gives a good aroma and taste along with the healthy benefits.
Eat healthy and lead a happy and healthy long life”

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Why to go for natural cosmetics

In today’s world getting a beautiful skin is just a blink away.

Science and medicine has reached new heights to provide you the skin you always desired for. There are various chemical skin treatments available in market to make your skin look good from outside and Of course there is a considerable amount of cost associated to these unhealthy chemical treatments.

In the busy life which we have today, we tend to opt for these chemical skin treatments as these are quick, less time consuming and gives you relief temporarily when needed.

Even after so much of awareness by the media, newspapers and internet about the harmful chemicals used in the cosmetics, creams, lotions etc,; we still fail to understand the risks outweighs the benefits provided by unhealthy skin chemical treatments, chemical based creams, lotion, face washes and chemical cosmetics. There are several side effects as well.

Persistent use of chemical cosmetics may lead to skin toxicity, skin cancer and other diseases. It may cause skin irritation, burning, pealing, itchiness, redness and swelling. Common conditions seen are contact dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis, allergic reactions etc.

Skin RashPic courtesy : Google, Skin rash due to chemical cosmetic use.

In case of such allergies, do not use parlor services instead take specialized medical help. This will treat the issue and give you much needed relief.

Also some cosmetics seep in through the skin and remain close to the surface, however some get absorbed into the blood stream. Now this is dangerous as it may cause reproductive problems, puberty starting earlier and cancer.

Hence it is very important to know about the products which you tend to use. Always try and do the patch test to check for allergies. Its always better to use safe and good products for your treasured part of your body i.e. Skin.

Ayurveda is an ancient science which can be defined as a system, which uses the inherent principles of nature, to help maintain health in a person by keeping the individual’s body, mind and spirit in perfect equilibrium with nature.

Many Ayurvedic formulations are available in market to suit your skin needs. One of such natural cosmetic range is available at Pure Mart ( These herbal handmade products are traditionally made from natural herbs without using any chemicals or artificial colours. Neev products do not support animal cruelty.The vision is to value the harmony between man and nature at its core. It is handcrafted by rural women. Our products respect mother nature by causing no pollution during their production and providing dignified means of employment to women while regenerating the rural economy. Our cosmetic range is a National award winner for the year 2010.

Neev produces a variety of handmade, all-natural cosmetic products like soaps, shampoos and hair oils. They are made by the tribal women of Jharkhand, and all ingredients are sourced from the forest or NEEV’s gardens. The products are certified by ITL Labs as Grade A soaps, and certified as Ayurvedic Products as per standards of AYUSH (Government of India). They train and employ women from the Hurlung village, and educate bright children belonging to the deprived sections of society at the NEEV public school, and when you buy their products, you support these causes as well.

Neev products

Many people are hesitant to buy natural and organic cosmetics thinking that the cosmetics are highly priced. But All the Pure Mart products are priced reasonably and  are not a burden to your pocket.

Start a healthy living today; eat healthy, use healthy and live healthy.

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All you would #Lovetoknow about #puremart #premium #almonds

Almonds are the powerhouse of vitamins and brain boosters. It can be considered as  natural brain tonic. It is widely consumed all over the world either raw, roasted or soaked. It is also used in various food preparations especially in deserts.


What to look out for in Good Quality Almonds:
When you purchase almonds make sure you buy the best quality. Look out for light brown pieces with smooth finish and sweet taste (which is due to rich oil content). Also ensure you get the ones with the oil content. The most simple test is break almond kernels into two halves and press between index finger and thumb for oil content.


In today’s market where there is lot of adulteration it is difficult to judge whether you are buying the pure product. The common adulteration done in almonds is the mixing of the same with apricot kernels. Though apricot kernels are good for health and have cancer fighting properties however they have a slightly bitter taste. Buy premium quality oil enriched healthy and tasty almonds online at Pure Mart.

How almonds are commonly #adulterated
And off course when you want to buy almonds, you do not expect apricot kernels.
There is something called as pasteurized and unpasteurized almonds. Pasteurization is done to kill the salmonella infection and is mandatory in California. Pasteurization is done through steam processing, roasting, blanching and by using highly toxic fumigation treatment with propylene oxide (PPO). PPO is carcinogenic in nature i.e. can cause cancer in humans. Hence it is always advisable to use raw almonds.


Various types of Almonds
There are various variety of almonds available in the market like California almonds, Mamra/ gurbandi, Kashmiri, Afghani etc. The rates, size and nutritional contents differ for all the varieties mentioned. You can choose amongst them as per your interest.
You may get almonds with shells and without shells as well. However due to lack of time in the busy life people choose to buy shelled ones. There is not much difference in the taste and nutrition between the both though.

Storage of Almonds
After purchasing, the storage of the product properly is also important. It is advisable to store almonds in an airtight box after opening and store in a cool dry place. You can also store it in the fridge to extend the shelf life to 12 months.

There are varied health benefits of almonds as mentioned below:
Almonds help in brain development and checks brain health.
Regular consumption increases the good cholesterol and reduces the bad cholesterol. This balance maintains the healthy cholesterol level.
Almonds are high in phosphorous content, vitamins and minerals necessary for bone and teeth health. It prevents osteoporosis.
It boosts the immune system and keeps the diseases at away.
It is high in vitamin E, which is an antioxidant and keeps heart diseases away.
Almonds improves the skin complexion and nourishes it. It provides youthful glow to the skin.

Almonds promotes health hair growth.
Almonds have very important fatty acids known as linoleic and linolenic acids which reduces inflammation in the body and hence are anti-inflammatory.
Almonds are rich in sodium and potassium. Sodium control the fluctuation in then blood pressure.
Potassium regulates blood pressure.
Almonds boosts energy and regulates the metabolic rate.
Almonds prevent colon cancer.
Almonds contain folic acid which is vital for fetus development.
Almonds satisfies the hunger and prevents overeating hence help is weight loss.
Almonds are high in fiber content hence it helps to prevent constipation.
Almonds protect against diabetes by regulating the sudden rise in the glucose and insulin level after eating food.

These tiny nuts help you to be healthy. So include them in your daily nutrition and get the benefits Always Stay healthy and beautiful.
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Top 5 health benefits of Pecan Nuts

Pecan nut looks similar to walnut kernel. It has rich buttery taste. It is eaten raw or cooked.

Pecans are often used in preparation of deserts to enhance the taste.

Pecans generally fruits during mid-October. Pecan trees may live and bear edible seeds for more than 300 years.

It is rich in dietary fiber and Magnesium. It has zero cholesterol and sodium.


Health benefits of Pecan Nuts:

It lowers the risk of gallstones. The antioxidants and plant sterols found in pecans reduce high cholesterol by reducing the “bad” LDL cholesterol levels.

Clinical research published in the Journal of Nutrition (September 2001) found that eating about a handful of pecans each day may help lower cholesterol levels similar to what is often seen with cholesterol-lowering medications. Eating pecans daily may delay age-related muscle nerve degeneration.

Pecans are an excellent source of vitamin-E, required for maintaining the integrity of cell membranes.

Add hand full of pecan nuts in your diet to keep your diet meter complete with sufficient levels of minerals, vitamins, and protein.

It is abundant in U.S and found in Himalayan regions as well. Thanks to the technology as one can now order premium quality pecan nuts procured from Himalayan region at doorstep by just placing your order at



How to make Almond Kesar Thandai @Home



Thandai (Chilled Almond Drink)
Source: Sanjeev Kapoor


Full cream milk- 750
Premium Almonds blanched and peeled- 12-14
Cashew nuts- 10
Pistachios blanched and peeled- 15
Melon seeds- 1-1/2 tablespoons
Poppy seeds- 1-1/2 tablespoons
Kashmiri Saffron- a few strands (5 for a cup)
Sugar- 1/2 -3/4 cup
Green cardamoms- 4-5
Rose petals- 10-15
Cinnamon- 1″ stick
Black peppercorns- 4-5


Soak the cashews, poppy seeds and melon seeds in a bit of water. Keep aside for at least 15 minutes.
Grind green cardamoms, dried rose petals, cinnamon and black peppercorns to a fine powder. Keep aside.
Grind the soaked cashew mixture along with almonds and pistachio with a little milk to a smooth, fine paste.
Bring the milk to a boil in a pan. Add the saffron and sugar and mix till sugar dissolves. Add the almond paste and mix well. Allow to simmer for 3-4 minutes.
Add the powdered masala to the milk and mix well. Switch off heat and allow to cool. Chill the milk before serving.



Recipe of Saffron and Potato Flat Bread (Chappati / Parantha)

Last few days were the craziest with office deadlines and added to that my little one was not doing well. When i was little offloaded from my routine stuff the first thing i tried was the the Kadhai Jalfrazie Masala. Just loved the fresh aroma of the unique spice blend. Very much different from other commercial stuff we get from market. I paired them with some saffron potato flat bread. These yeasted flat breads were super soft because of the potato flakes added to it. They went really well with the spicy kadhai chicken.

PicMonkey Collage


For Saffron and potato flat bread :

1.5 to 2 cups all purpose flour
1/2 cup boiling water
1/8 cups dry potato flakes
3/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp instant yeast
1/8 cup milk
large pinch of saffron
1 tbsp oil

Saffron Potato


Saffron and Potato Flat Bread :
1. Place 1 cup of flour in to a bowl. Pour the boiling water over the flour and stir till smooth.Cover the bowl and let it sit for 30 minutes.
2. Meanwhile warm milk and add saffron to it.Let the saffron infuse in milk before adding other ingredients.
3.In a separate bowl whisk together potato flakes,half cup remaining flour,salt,sugar,yeast and oil.
4.Add the dry mixture to the flour paste and Knead until a smooth elastic dough is achieved.
5.The dough will be little sticky but can be easily handled with oiled hands.So add extra flour only if necessary.
6. Place the dough covered in an oiled bowl and let it rise for a hour or so.
7.Once the dough is doubled in volume,punch the air out by kneading it for a while.
8.Divide the dough to equal sized balls and let it rest for 15-20 minute covered.
9.Roll each dough to a circle ( the breads will puff once cooked,so keep the thickness in mind while rolling).
10. Heat a flat grid pan and cook the breads covered for 1 minute.flip them and cook for another minute uncovered till you see brown spots appearing on the bread.
11. Store the breads stacked until served to keep them soft.

Note: cooking on very high heat may leave the bread under cooked, while cooking slowly will dry them. So adjust the heat accordingly.

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Health Benefits of Kashmiri Almond oil

One of the best skin care agent is Pure, organic #Almond oil which is often called as ‘Kashmiri badaam oil’, ‘Badaam Rogan’, ‘Rogan e badaam’. One of best and purest Almond oil available in India is ‘Kashmiri Almond oil’ which is often adulterated with bitter apricot kernels due to cheaper cost.

Almonds are used since ages for health and culinary purposes. It can be eaten in the raw form or used in various food preparations. Almond oil is extracted from almonds. There are 2 types of almond oil; sweet and bitter.

Sweet Almond oil is rich in vitamin A, B and E which makes it highly beneficial for Skin and Hair.  It is used in various cosmetics. Bitter almond oil is used as an essential oil.

Almond oil for skin: Apply after taking shower to get maximum benefits. It gets absorbed into the skin quickly without blocking the pores. Almond oil is a light and less greasy substitute for hand and foot creams.

  1. Improve the complexion and retaining glow
  2. Moisturize better and deeper
  3. Soothe skin irritation and skin inflammation
  4. Relieve dry and irritated skin
  5. Nourishes skin, making it softer and smoother
  6. Cures chapped lips and body rashes.

Reduces Dark Circles: Apply the oil before going to bed and allow it to work while you sleep for few week and see the results.


Delay Signs of aging: Almond oil is excellent to reverse and prevent signs of ageing by renewing skin cells and ensuring younger, fresher and more radiant skin.

dead skin

Removes Impurities and Dead Skin Cells: Due to pollution your skin gets dull and dead. You can make your own almond oil scrub by mixing a tablespoon of almond oil and a teaspoon of sugar. Apply to your face in a circular motion and get rid of dead cells and blackheads.

Almond oil helps reducing inflammation, itching and redness of the skin: Mix 2 tablespoons of almond oil with 5 drops of lavender essential oil and apply to the affected area several times for relief.