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Essential Oils

Essential Oils are basically the volatile aroma of plants which is extracted to use the the characteristic fragrance of specific plant. Essence is the aromatic fragrance of plant by which oil have been extracted e.g. peppermint essential oil extracted from ''pepper mint leaves'. Essential oils are also used in for medicinal purpose to heal various skin issue and diseases including cancer. Essential oils has proven benefits if used on regular basis and bought from an trusted source. Neev Essential oil range is organic and certified by Craftmark and Khadi. You can buy essential oils online also from trusted stores.

Neev formulations are inspired by Ayurveda and aromatherapy. Many of the ingredients used are home grown in Neev Soaps own organic farms. We invite our customers and supporters to try out our new range of products - Natural in every aspect!
17 Products

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Rs. 100
Out of Stock

Basil Essential Oil

Rs. 100/8 gm
Out of Stock

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rs. 100/8 gm
Out of Stock

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Rs. 100/8 gm
Out of Stock

Cedarwood oil

Rs. 100/8 gm

Pure Avocado Oil

Rs. 150/50 ml

Pure Jojoba oil

Rs. 150/50 ml
Out of Stock

Pure Wheatgerm Oil

Rs. 150/50 ml
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